The Secret of Scars

The Secret of Scars

Whether it’s an innocent child’s accident, a fight against acne, or a mild or traumatic mishap, every scar has an origin story. First, it’s a fresh wound, then a pesky scab, and finally our own tough scar. It’s the evidence of our body’s complicated biological healing process. Before we can treat a scar, we have to truly understand what occurs below the surface.

So, what is a scar?

A scar is a physical blemish comprised of dense scar tissue. One may fade over the years, but for the most part, a scar is for life. They are the result of our blood vessels and tissue rebuilding themselves after an area of skin has been damaged. The discoloration and texture of a scar depends on the severity of the wound and the overall nutrition of the individual. Healthier, well-nourished skin and bodies are more receptive to a less impactful healing process.

How long does it take a scar to heal?

Typically scars develop in a month, several months, or...