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Our cream is exceptionally effective at reducing the appearance of scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, and fine lines - while nourishing and hydrating your skin.



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That’s why our product are completely natural, formulated without any harmful ingredients, and scientifically designed to deliver maximum results and complete benefit to your skin and your body.  And all our botanical ingredients are Certified Organic.



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Our organically-grown ingredients leave the earth healthy while nourishing your body and skin. Our packaging is sustainably produced.  And our business practices support the well-being of our employees, our partners, and our customers.



We stand behind our products.

Love it or return it. Try our products and if for any reason you don’t love it, get your money back. No questions asked. 

Why CELSUS? Because it really works. We set out to create a scar treatment that would actually help reduce the visibility of your scars, stretch marks, and wrinkles, and aside from all the clinical evidence, our customers’ results and enthusiasm have been our biggest accomplishment! The fact is, there are a lot of creams out there claiming to take care of your scars, but none of them come packed with 22 active ingredients that work together synergistically to help reduce the appearance of those new and old scars, those inevitable stretch marks, the occasional nicks and scrapes, or those lines and wrinkles that start to appear as we age.

We believe life is an adventure, and we’re sure you have some great stories behind each and every mark on your body. So why not give some love to those scars and marks of a life fully-lived? We designed CELSUS to not only reduce the appearance of your scars, stretch marks, and wrinkles, but to also nourish and ‘feed’ your skin. And we did it by combining, in one sweet little package, easily absorbed moisturizers, powerful anti-oxidants, wholesome natural nutrients, certified organic botanicals, and anti-aging peptides.

We’re proud of our product and of the consistently positive responses we get from our customers. So whether you have acne scars, scars from injury or surgery, or are looking for a potent anti-aging cream, CELSUS is for you.


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