CELSUS Scar Cream Reviews

Erika Chemnitz :: "Excellent Product"

The result requires patience. But, you will be rewarded.
I had a big scar on my nose and today,it can hardly be seen.

Amber Brooks :: Boulder, CO

Every scar has a story. 
Let us know how CELSUS Scar Cream worked for you.


Jennifer T :: Hilton Head Island, Bluffton, SC

I have had issues with acne since I was 16 years old. I’m 36 now.  I have been on every prescription pill, cream, bare naturals etc. I have used celsusbio for three weeks and my skin has NOT ONE pimple for the first time in 20 years.  The scarring is starting to smooth and I just purchased three more bottles yesterday.  I don’t know what you all have in your product but it is a miracle for me. 

Victoria N :: La Bouilladisse, France

Celsus is an amazing product! I am a very happy Celsus customer! I bought Celsus for my 16 year old daughter’s acne scars and again I am very, very happy with the results. So the purpose of this mail is to congratulate you on a truly awesome product.

Charlotte :: Boulder, CO

At 8 months, my son pulled a cup of hot tea onto himself, severely burning his chest. After the initial medical treatment, I began regularly applying CELSUS Scar Cream to his scabbed, red, and swollen skin. I was always surprised at how amazingly calm he became when I smoothed it over his chest. The results were incredible: his burn scars became smaller, smoother and increasingly returned to the color of his     natural skin. With the help of (your) Scar Cream, his scar has now completely disappeared. 



Seakay :: Berkeley, CA

I was very skeptical about this product but I wanted to give it a try anyway. I actually prefer using oil but out of curiosity bought this product.  The tube lasted a good few months. The instructions read to apply this cream 3-5 times daily.  The wonderful thing is that it is not a greasy cream. It absorbs well not just after washing your face. The cream things outs well too. You can apply a small dab over scars and by the end of each week see the scars lighten. My scars usually have a deep purple hue to them which makes it difficult to cover well at times. My acne is pretty light and due more to food intolerances when I eat something my body does not agree with so there wasn't really much. The tube lasted me nearly 4 months and the scars are very light. I can apply a thin layer of concealer and be satisfied, no foundation needed. This product doesn't advertise much probably because most people are like me, skeptical, about erasing scars especially for its price. I would recommend this for anyone to try. It works well on sensitive skin without irritating.



I switched to this product from Mederma. I have pretty serious scarring from a few major operations on my chest and side. My surgeon's assistant actually commented on how amazing my latest incisions look, and asked what product I use so that she can recommend it to the other patients. This stuff legitimately works very well, my thick raised purple scars have now turned white and are flattening out nicely. 


Helen L :: Boulder, CO

I am a female, 54 years of age and had a bunion + hammertoe surgery. There were three incisions on my right foot and one on my right lower leg. Celsus was applied once the doctor took my cast off.

I tried an experiment by using the Celsus product solely on two large incisions and another aloe based product on the others. After one week with this scar cream treatment, the scabs fell off revealing healthy skin formation. The sites treated with the aloe product took two-three weeks longer before shedding the scab covering and the uncovered new skin—was not as natural pigmented compared to what Celsus scar cream achieved.

I applied this product at least 2 times a day (morning and night) and continued to use it for four more months. Once I saw how well the cream worked, I discontinued the aloe treatment and applied the Celsus product on all scar sites. My Physical Therapist frequently commented on how nicely the incisions looked. Only one of the sites developed a keloid scar and that was the site that was treated with the aloe product.

This product is a must have for any skin needing repair. The botanicals all have beneficial herbal constituents that seem to assist in the healing process.



Jen :: "Great Product!"

I was skeptical when I first tried this but now I am a convert. Really helped with the old acne scars along my jaw line - now I find myself using it for all kinds of other stuff. Definitely recommend this!


I use this as a moisturizer. It keeps my skin looking great, and heals any wounds that may crop up. The price makes it a must buy. 

Gaela M :: Louisville, CO

I had a mysterious skin infection and allergic reaction on my face, resulting in the entire right side of my face swelling up and blistering. Once the blisters formed scabs, I started using the scar cream, applying it frequently. I thought for sure I would have some scarring, or at the very least some blotchy pigmentation. But this was not the case – within a few weeks, you couldn’t even identify which side of my face had the outbreak, and all the redness was gone as well. I have sensitive skin and tend to get rashes and strange skin anomalies – and I have to say that after this experience, I will be sure and always have this scar cream on hand. I highly recommend it to anyone! 



Matt R :: Boulder, CO

About a year ago I received terrible thrid degree burns caused by a rope on both my hands and fingers which took almost 2 months to heal. After that I was left with major scarring on both of my index fingers and minor scaring in several other places on my hands. I have been using CELSUS for about a month and have seen excellent result on the minor scars and encouraging results on the major scars on the index fingers. The minor scars are already fading. The major scars on my fingers have seen some reductions in size and severity along with smoothing of the skin since I started using CELSUS. I will continue to use CELSUS on all the scars as they continue to heal and improve and I recommend this product to anyone else. 

Ny :: Phoenix, AZ

I don't use this on scars, but on my stretch marks. I recently started using it once a night in conjuncture with Pai rosehip oil (one over the other) and in a month I've noticed the raised skin of the stretch marks go down and appear less prominent.

Helen J :: Boulder, CO

After using CELSUS Bio-Intelligence for only a month, I noticed reduced redness, smoother texture over scars and it has completely faded away. I was really hoping for positive results because the scar was on my chin and it was really visible.  As an herbalist I really love the combination of the herbs and their synergistic effect. 



Katie :: Santa Barbara, CA

Just ordered this product on a whim as I have a lot of acne scars from prior cystic acne I have healed naturally. This product has NOT broken me out as I'm always concerned with when using new products on acne prone skin. And I've only been using about a week and I just love it. No amazing results yet because it's only been the first week, but I can already tell it's having a positve impact on my skin. LOVE the organic ingredients and herbal synergism. great, will buy again. 

Tyler A :: Boulder, CO

I was a little hesitant to use CELSUS because I actually liked the way my scars looked. After only 3 short weeks the one on my cheek completely disappeared and the big one across my forehead was significantly less noticeable and barely any redness was left. It’s still the same cool scar just not as visible. My parents were the ones who were most pleased with me using this cream. I would recommend it to anyone. 



Jane C:: Boulder, CO

It was about a month before my wedding and I sliced my leg on barbed wire while hiking. I began using CELSUS religiously, every day until the wedding. I could see the scar fading and fading until it was barely noticeable on the day of my wedding. For me, it was a true godsend. I highly recommend it!

Jen M :: Boulder, CO

I was completely overjoyed with the results. I actually scar really badly and have a tendency to keloid scarring. After using CELSUS I had zero scarring so needless to say I will be using it on every little scratch from now on! 


Julia L :: Boulder, CO

I had a deep crack in my heel, even after pedicuring it, and the Scar Cream healed it after 2-3 uses!! Amazing. It is fantastic, essential to have in every household. 

Megan B

As a cat owner, I’m frequently scratched.  After trying CELSUS on new scratches and seeing them heal quickly with very little signs of a scar, I reach for it every time I get a new scratch. 


Tess :: Portland, OR

This stuff is fantastic.  Great for scars.  Seems like a good deal since you only need such a small amount.  However, I waiting for the day that they sell it in a bigger tube.

Stacey :: Philadelphia, PA

I've been using this cream on a few small facial scars (one an old acne scar that just would not fade and another from a run-in with a prickly tree on the street that was small, but right under my eye and unfortunately noticeable in the sunlight). I really wasn't sure what to expect with this, but I have to be honest - it's done a tremendous job lightening both scars. The smaller of the too (under my eye) is next-to-gone and the acne scar is fading, albeit slower than the other. With daily (or in my case several times a week since I don't always remember to use it) use I think you will be delighted with its effectiveness!

Hdy :: California

I have been using this in conjunction with other brightening products, so I never really knew if this product was working on my scars. However, recently I went on a long trip and left most of my brightening products at home, except for the Celsus scar cream. I had post-acne scars from breaking out from another product, and within 2 weeks of constant application of the scar cream, the scars faded considerably. I am still in the process of getting rid of them entirely, but I have to say that this product is a little gem. I think it is pretty affordable for what it can do. I even bought another as back up.

Sarah J

Pros: does what it claims.  Cons: the price for the amount you need to keep applying it ( recommends to reapply 3-5 times a day) After using this for two weeks about twice a day, I can say it really has make a difference. My skin looks less irritated but as expected my deeper acne scars still have a ways to go. 


This has been really great at fading acne scars. I noticed improvement in a few weeks! Plus, it smells really good.


After just TWO applications on a newer burn scar, this stuff has already started to lighten the scar. I'm so happy with this product already! I'm going to take before and after photos and post them in a month or so. I also have a much larger, more serious scar from foot surgery a few years ago. I can't wait to see what it does for that one, too :) 

Mo :: Kansas

Like many other of the people reviewing this cream, I too had tried other things to help with scarring: vitamin E oil, lavender EO, aloe, etc etc. Nothing worked on its own as well as this cream does. I used to have really painful big cystic acne, which in turn, would leave big scars that would take forever to heal. This cream helped the scars disappear a lot more quickly. I would put a big glob of it on a wound, and the next day, it would look a lot less angry. I also like to use this on any minor wounds. One day, I had a waxing incident, which ended up taking a little bit of the skin from my upper lip. This baby healed it all up so fast, it was like it never happened! My skin has a yellow undertone to it, so scars can look really purple and ugly. The big thing to remember with this cream is that it helps clear recent scars quite quickly. It takes a bit longer for older ones, but it still works. I read that ingesting MSM, which is one of the ingredients in this cream, can also help to break down old scar tissues. I think that applying it topically does just as much good. With the combined power of all of the awesome scar-reducing ingredients, this cream really does prove to be a key factor in scar removal!


About a month ago I bought this on a whim and was skeptical at first. I've tried other products that claimed to make scars disappear, from Vitamin E oil to Retin-A. Vitamin E oil effectively did nothing, while the Retin-A was so harsh on my skin that I couldn't use it for more than a couple days. However, after using the Celsus cream daily for a month I can truly see a difference in my acne scars. Not only have they faded, but they are also less red and inflamed. When immediately applied to closed wounds, Celsus is effective at preventing the formation of new acne scars as well. My physician even commented on how clear my face's skin looked! I'm continuing to use this cream as a facial moisturizer, since it moisturizes without being too greasy for my oily-type skin.

Ruth A:: Louisville, CO

I have some scars on my chest, my arm, and my chin. These scars are from a burn accident I had in my childhood when I was one year old – I am now twenty eight years old. I have never tried to use any scar products because my scars sometimes become irritated: they itch a lot when it gets hot and if I scratch, I injure myself.  When I came to the U.S. from my native country, D.R.Congo, I decided to see a dermatologist. He gave me your product and I can tell that it works wonders on my scars: no more itching; it feels soft on my scar; and in just two weeks my scars started changing color. Now after one month I see huge signs of improvement. All my scars look black, and flat.  I am so excited about your product, and I hope in the next month I will have even more signs of improvement on my scar. Thank you so much for creating this product that is so helpful. 

Lynne :: Summit, NJ

I bought this to help expedite the healing of a surgery scar and it has truly erased almost all evidence of any incision! The directions call for application 3-5 times per day which I did religiously for 4-6 weeks. It softened the scar and lightened it back to my regular skin tone. I've started using it on some other little old scars here and there and its making a tremendous difference. And a little goes a long way...so its worth the price tag. 

Rachel :: Warwick, RI

I've been using this for awhile now and it helps heal scars and the like. i feel like it has lessened the appearance of my scars and am pleased with it. I plan on purchasing it again when the time comes. 

Karen B :: Westminster, CO

Celsus has really helped my whole family! I had two bad cuts on my face and with only 1 week of use they were healed and gone! Before Celsus they were not healing. Celsus has also made a big difference in my daughters whose faces are breaking out.  One more way Celsus helped is my cat Romero had a large patch of fur gone and a cut, Celsus helped the cut start to heal and it is almost gone! Thanks, Celsus!

Heidi Rotterdam :: New York, NY :: "More than scar cream"

Not just for scars but for everyday use is this smooth, easy to squeeze, easy to apply and pleasant to touch and smell

Lee :: Toronto, ON

Ever since I saw this product pop up in the new items page I had to get it as I was suffering from acne scarring and need some relief! Initially I bought it from Amazon because I didn't have anything to get from SBL and shipping was free but ever since then I've made sure I always have a back up on hand.  It's non greasy and I think it's a great 'primer' for my makeup because of how my skin feels after using it. At night I simply apply it over my other regular oils to lock in the moisture. I've found it makes my blemishes heal much faster and has calmed the redness in my face. One tube lasts me about 3 weeks with daily application (sometimes twice/day). I highly recommend you give it a try!

Asti :: Australia

I was very skeptical about this product because I have tried unnatural and non-organic scar cream that didn't work, but this... works and it's completely safe for you. I was blown away by how well this performs, I really did not expect my scar to reduce really quickly but within 1 1/2 weeks of using this (the suggestion says to use this 3-5 times in a day), my acne scars are diminishing by quite a significant amount. I really urge you to try this out, it works even faster than my argan oil but when combined, it's perfect. It goes on smoothly on your make up so you don't have to worry about it, and I still have a few acne here and there near the scars and applying over them did not block my pores even more. Very lightweight and spreads easily!