Ingredient Spotlight: Tamanu Oil


Common Name: Tamanu

Botanical Name: Calophyllum inophyllum

What is Tamanu?

The tamanu tree is indigenous to South East Asia and grows in Thailand, Myanmar Vietnam, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, South India and the Melanesian and Polynesian/Hawaiian Islands.  The tree is characterized by black, cracked bark and shiny leaves and can grow up to 10 feet tall.  Twice per year, the tamanu tree blooms with beautiful, fragrant white flowers which later yield clusters of yellow-colored fruit. 


From Nut to Oil.

If not picked, the ripe yellow-skinned fruit of the tamanu tree eventually turns into a dried brown and falls off the tree.  The dried fruit is then collected and the nut in the center of each fruit is extracted.  After being left out in the sun to dry for two months, the nuts are cold pressed to produce only a few drops of oil per nut. It takes a lot of tamanu kernels to produce a small amount of oil.  In fact, one tree only produces 10 liters of oil per year.  Because of this, tamanu oil is not very abundant and therefore considered precious and sacred.


A Miracle Skin Regenerator.

Because of its unique capacity to promote the growth of new skin tissue, tamanu oil helps accelerate wound healing and the regeneration of skin cells.  Pacific Islanders have long used tamanu oil to treat cuts, blisters, stretch marks, burns, acne, scars, scrapes, rashes and sunburn.  In addition the oil has been successfully used to treat those suffering from skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions.


A Sacred Ingredient.

Natives of the South Pacific have long believed that the tamanu tree was “a sacred gift of nature” and that Gods hid in its branches.  Why did they believe this?  Thanks to its miracle wound healing and skin regenerating properties, tamanu oil can heal a wide variety of skin conditions and is also a highly beautifying ingredient.  In fact, it is used by native women for promoting clear, healthy, blemish-free skin. 


A Skincare superstar.

Although tamanu oil is just now making its way into skincare products in the US and Europe, it has been studied for almost a century in hospitals and by researchers in Europe, Asia and the Pacific Islands.  At Celsus, we are huge fans of tamanu oil and its wound healing and skin regenerating benefits.  Including tamanu oil in our (Scar Cream) formulation was a no brainer and years later our Scar Cream continues to provide astounding results!