25 Ways to Turn Back the Hands of Time

While maintaining your skin’s youthful glow is not rocket science, a few good anti-aging tips can certainly help!  Here are 25 of our all time favorite anti-aging tips- and of course they are green too!

  1. Stay out of peak sun (10am-2pm). The suns damaging rays are the #1 cause of premature aging.
  2. Wear sunblock on your face, arms and hands every single day.  Even indirect sunlight can cause premature aging.
  3. Drink tons of water.  Well hydrated skin naturally looks more youthful.
  4. Use an antioxidant rich facial oil before you go to bed every night.  Our favorites include aragn oil, marula oil and rosehip oil- or better yet a facial oil blend containing all three.
  5. Exfoliate a few times per week using a little bit of baking soda mixed with your facial cleanser.
  6. Wash your face with a high quality, natural cleanser every morning and night. 
  7. See your Aesthetician once per month (or minimally once per quarter) for a deep cleaning and steam.
  8. Try Microdermabrasion.  It may sound fancy, but it’s actually just a really deep exfoliation, which helps stimulate cell turnover (a great thing for youthful looking skin).
  9. Drink freshly-pressed, organic juices, which are rich in the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals your skin needs to stay healthy and strong.
  10. Ditch foods that you are sensitive or allergic to.  Eating foods that you are sensitive or allergic creates an inflammatory response in your body- and inflammation can drastically speed up the aging process.
  11. Cleanse your face with raw honey mixed with a tiny bit of warm water. Honey is rich in anti-oxidants and contains anti-bacterial properties, making it the perfect gentle cleanser for maintaining your youthful glow.  In addition, honey can aid in treating mild breakouts due to its anti-bacterial properties.
  12. You can also use honey as a mask, which exfoliates dead skin cells and promotes the regeneration of skin cells.
  13. Get your Z’s. Skin cells (along with all of your other cells) regenerate while you sleep.
  14. Wear sunglasses. Squinting in the sun can contribute to crow’s feet and fine lines around your eyes.  You can help combat these lines by wearing sunglasses.
  15. Sprinkle turmeric on your food.  This bright, aromatic spice is a powerful anti-inflammatory.
  16. Add a few cups of milk to your bath.  The lactic acid contained in “moo juice” is an excellent skin softer and leave your skin looking nourished and supple. Opt for organic milk in order to avoid the growth hormones and antibiotics found in non-organic milk.
  17. Eat foods rich in healthy oils.  Think avocados, nuts, seeds, wild salmon and healthy oils such as olive, coconut and flax. 
  18. Eat coconut oil.  When ingested, coconut oil has been shown to help improve skin’s elasticity.  While you can eat it straight, coconut oil is most delicious blended into smoothies, mixed into oatmeal or used to sauté fresh veggies.
  19. Start each day with a cup of warm (fresh) ginger tea.  Ginger contains gingerol, an antioxidant that helps protect against collagen breakdown.  To make the tea, pour boiling water over 1 TBSP of shredded ginger.  After a few minutes strain out the ginger.  For an added boosts, mix in a bit of raw honey, which helps reduce inflammation. 
  20. Use a DIY egg white mask a couple times per week.  A simple egg white mask tightens skin, refines pores and brightens your complexion.  To make, just whip 1-2 egg whites and apply to your face.  Rinse off with warm water after 20 minutes- and viola!
  21. Ditch the saboteurs, which dehydrate your body and speed up the aging process.  The “saboteurs” include refined sugar, cigarettes, alcohol (aside from an occasional glass of red wine), trans fats, hydrogenated oils and processed/chemical-laden foods.
  22. Move it!  Exercise helps keep you young by stimulating detoxification, boosting lean muscle mass and lubricating joints. 
  23. Eat mineral-rich foods (hello fruits and veggies).  Bananas are an excellent choice as they are loaded with potassium, Vitamin B, Vitamin C and Vitamin E, all of which are hugely beneficial to the health of your skin.
  24. Apply lemon juice topically. Lemons naturally help exfoliate dead skin cells, lighten age spots and shrink pores.
  25. Feel your emotions.  Bottled emotions can increase stress levels and increase free radicals in your body, which in turn speeds up the aging process.  Feeling your emotions can help reduce stress and keep you (and your skin) feeling light, balanced and happy!