How to Heal a C-Section Scar

Every scar has a story.  Weather you’ve realized it yet or not, your C-section scar happens to tell one of your life’s most fruitful stories, the story of baby’s birth. 

While most mamas want to remember the precious moments of their baby’s birth, most don’t need a scar to help recall their story.  The vivid memory of this special day is often enough of a reminder.  So what can do to help minimize the 4-6 inch long mark above your public bone?  We’re glad you asked!  Here are 5 tips for healing and fading your “new mom battle scar”:

#1. Eat Well.  The food you eat provides the nutrients, vitamins and minerals your body needs to heal.  If you are fueling your body with junk, then chances are your body will not have the building blocks it needs to heal adequately.  Opt for a diet packed with a rainbow of organic fruits, vegetables and super foods, which will nourish and support your cells in regenerating.  Another huge benefit to eating clean is that all those powerful vitamins, minerals and antioxidants will pass through your breast milk and into your little one. 

#2. Avoid Strenuous Movements.  For optimal healing, it is important that you avoid any movements that can contribute to re-opening your incision.  Movements such as weight lifting, jogging, biking and aerobics should be avoided for six weeks or until your doctor gives you the green light.  Instead opt for gentle movements such as walking or very light stretching.  It is also recommended that you don’t lift anything heavier than your baby throughout these weeks of healing.

#3 Keep it Clean. Your bandages will most likely be removed approximately 24 hours after your surgery.  At that point you can shower.  Avoid scrubbing or touching your incision.  Instead, let soapy water gently run over it. After your shower, gently pat your incision dry.  If you are more of a “bath girl”, it’s generally safe to do so 7-10 days after surgery. Keeping your incision clean will help reduce the risk of infection and support your body’s healing process.

#4. Slather on the Cream.  Certain natural ingredients can work wonders in significantly reducing the appearance of your scar. In all of our research, the most powerful and effective ingredients in this context are Peptides, Helichrysum, Tamanu, Gotu Kola and Cotton Thistle.  These ingredients have powerful wound healing and skin regenerating properties, which is why they have proven to be so effective in treating scars.  We use all of these ingredients in our scar cream formulation because of our desire to provide consumers with the most effective and cleanest scar treatment possible.  Slather our scar cream onto your incision 3-5 times per day and watch it fade.