Fresh and Natural Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, now is the time when most people start racking their brain for gift ideas. Want to honor Mom with something natural, organic and healthy this year? Look no further! Wev’e racked our brains (so you don’t have to) for natural and healthy Mother’s Day gift ideas and here are our top picks:

1. Potted Plants: Forget the bouquet of flowers (those usually only last a week or so). Gift Mom a little piece of nature that she can admire for years to come. Health Bonus: Plants are natural air purifiers, so when you give Mom a pretty plant, you are also giving her health a boost. Go the extra mile: buy a pretty pot and some soil and re-pot the plant before giving it to Mom. It’s thoughtful little “extras” (like this) that help Mom feel special.

2. A basket full of the things she loves: We are big fans of DIY gift baskets! Grab an empty basket from the craft store and fill it up with all the things Mom loves. Here are some natural and healthy ideas: Natural beauty products (FYI: our award-winning scar cream is on sale at Sprouts for the entire month of May!), bath salts, organic chocolate, books, a new journal, “clean” candles and gift certificates.

3. Jewelry: Most women love jewelry. Jewelry can be very symbolic and meaningful. Does she love nature? Try a flower of tree charm necklace. Is she sentimental? Try a locket with a family pic inside. Does she love a specific stone or jewelry designer? If you have a hard time figuring out exactly what she would love, buying something with her (or all of her children’s) birthstone in it is usually a safe default.

4. Spa Services: Give Mom the gift of some much needed R&R. Book her a massage, facial or mani/pedi. Or better yet, book them all!

5. Yoga membership: A little “downward dog” and “happy baby” is sure to brighten Mom’s day while helping her unwind and connect to herself. Gift her a month long membership to her local yoga studio. Want to sweeten the deal? Go to yoga with her!